Altcoin Fantasy Points and Loyalty Points Program Official Rules

Last updated: October 30, 2019

By participating in the Altcoin Fantasy Points and Loyalty Points Program, (the "Program"), you agree to the following Altcoin Fantasy Points and Loyalty Points Program Terms (the "Terms") and the  Terms of Service, and you agree that you have read the Privacy Policy and Risk Disclosure Statement contained within the  Terms of Service and agree to abide by the conditions within the  Terms of Service. Please read these Terms carefully. It is your responsibility to understand how these Terms will apply to and affect your participation in the Program. 


The Altcoin Fantasy Points and Loyalty Points Program is operated by Altcoin Fantasy Limited and includes the Altcoin Fantasy Points, also referred to as ACF Points, and the Altcoin Fantasy Loyalty Points, also referred to as ACF Loyalty Points or Loyalty Points. The Program is a loyalty and rewards program, sponsored by Altcoin Fantasy, and allows you to earn points (the “Points”) within the web application, the iOS application and the Android application (the “Application”) by performing certain activities. You may redeem Points for rewards in the Application where the points were earned. 


The Program is open to residents of all countries except Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Cuba, who are the age of majority in their country as of the entry date and have a valid Altcoin Fantasy account and have downloaded the Altcoin Fantasy mobile applications or used the web application (the "Applications"). Altcoin Fantasy employees, employees of affiliated companies and affiliated companies, and all of their immediate family members and persons living in the same household are not eligible. Void where prohibited by law. 


If you meet the eligibility requirements set out above, you will automatically be entered into the Program as you complete certain activities within the Application. 

There is a limit of one account per person. A single person may not have more than one account across multiple Applications and/or devices. You are responsible for ensuring that your information is accurate and kept up to date and the owner of the account is the registered owner of the email address used to register for an account on Altcoin Fantasy’s Applications.


The number of points you earn will be tracked in your account under ACF Points and ACF Loyalty Points. 

You can earn ACF Points in the following ways:

  1. Complete the onboarding tutorial

  2. Complete bounties and sponsor bounties on the “Bounties” section of the Applications. All bounties will be verified for completion.

  3. Watch sponsored ads

  4. Complete offerwall offers

  5. Win contests and raffle guesses

  6. Win a bonus on the daily spin wheel for trading

  7. Win a bonus on the Silver Treasure Chest Wheel Spin, Gold Treasure Chest Wheel Spin and Platinum Treasure Chest Spin

  8. Special giveaways, promotions and draws

You can earn ACF Loyalty Points in the following ways:

  1. Complete sponsor bounties on the “Bounties” section of the Applications. All bounties will be verified for completion.

  2. Make trades and level up

  3. Win contests and raffle guesses

  4. Win a bonus on the Silver Treasure Chest Wheel Spin, Gold Treasure Chest Wheel Spin and Platinum Treasure Chest Spin

  5. Special giveaways, promotions and draws. From time to time, Altcoin Fantasy may sponsor special giveaways, promotions and draws where you can win prizes such as, including, but not limited to, ACF Points, ACF Loyalty Points and tokens.

  6. Referrals. You can earn Loyalty Points for referring people to the Application. Your referrals must confirm their email address, join a contest and make a trade in order for you to receive Loyalty Points. If you are found creating multiple, duplicate or fake accounts to refer yourself or others, Altcoin Fantasy has the right to remove your Loyalty Points and terminate your account 

Altcoin Fantasy’s decisions regarding awarding, deletion, removal and transfer of points are final and binding. Any and all Points that are determined to be earned in violation of these Terms will be disqualified and removed from your Account. Points have no cash value and do not constitute your property. Points may be revoked at any time as described in these Terms. Altcoin Fantasy may change the number of Points awarded for each activity as well as the activities eligible for Points at its discretion. If you believe that Points were not properly accrued to your Account, you must contact info@altcoinfantasy.com within 10 days of the award date. 


You may redeem different rewards with your Points on the Rewards section of the Applications. Tap on the “Redeem” button on the Rewards section and enter the required information. After you have entered the required information, tap the “Redeem Now” button. The number of Points required to redeem a reward may be changed and updated by Altcoin Fantasy at any time at its sole discretion. All Points redemptions are final. Any incorrect information provided by you that results in rewards being lost or not recoverable is your sole responsibility and Altcoin Fantasy does not bear any responsibility or liability to resend you the reward. 


Any unredeemed points will expire if you do not earn any Points for 6 months. 


You may not modify the Application in any way. You may not modify your mobile device or its software in any way that may alter or affect its performance or the operation of the Application.

You may not create an Account or participate in the Program for any commercial purpose. You may not sell Points or your Account. You may not transfer Points between Accounts or combine Accounts.

Points may not be sold, and are not transferrable or assignable for any reason, including upon death, as part of a domestic relations matter, or otherwise by operation of law.


Altcoin Fantasy reserves the right to terminate your participation in the Program and your account at its sole discretion if it believes you have violated these Terms or the law or have engaged in any fraudulent activity with respect to the Program. If your Account is terminated, your Point balance and any redeemed but unfulfilled rewards will be forfeited. In addition to forfeiture, Placed reserves the right to take any appropriate administrative and/or legal action as it deems necessary in its sole discretion.


Altcoin Fantasy may modify, suspend, or terminate the Program and these Terms at any time at its sole discretion. These changes may impact or terminate your ability to earn and redeem Points. Altcoin Fantasy will provide notice of modifications, suspensions, or termination of the Program by posting notice on its website,  www.altcoinfantasy.com. Altcoin Fantasy is not required to contact you to communicate any changes and you are responsible for being aware of any changes, modifications, suspensions of termination of the Program. The current version of these Terms will be available at  https://altcoinfantasy.com/pages/pointsprogramrules. Any modification, suspension, or termination of the Program by Altcoin Fantasy will be effective immediately upon posting notice. Your continued participation in the Program constitutes your acceptance of any changes to these Terms.


By participating in the Program, you grant Altcoin Fantasy the right to publish your first and last name, demographic information, and city, state, province and country of residence on its website and in its advertising and promotional materials. You understand and agree that you will not receive any payment or consideration for any such use.


Altcoin Fantasy is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information supplied by you while participating in the Program. All disputes regarding eligibility, earning or redemption of Points, or your compliance with these Terms will be resolved by Altcoin Fantasy in its sole discretion. No appeals will be granted.


Participation in the Program is subject to the disclaimers and limitations of liability found in the  Terms of Service.


The failure of us to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms does not constitute a waiver of such right or provision or any other right or provision (whether or not similar) nor does it constitute a continuing waiver.

Any ambiguities in the interpretation of these Terms of Service shall not be construed against the drafting party.


If any provision of these Terms shall be deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from these Terms of Service and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

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