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Spend your fantasy portfolio dollars and pick which crypto to invest in from the hundreds of crypto available. Use our tools and resources to learn about each coin, read news about the coins and check the performance using our charts.


Check back during the contest period to see how you stack up in the leaderboard. See what the top players are trading and learn from their strategy. Adjust your crypto holdings and keep checking back to see if you should buy, sell or HODL (Hold On To Dear Life).


Finish as one of our top players and you'll win awesome prizes. Even if you're not a top player, get ACF Points for logging on daily or compete in fun guessing raffles to win prizes.


1st Place

1 Year Pro Trader Subscription ($223.92 USD)

2nd Place

1 Year Pro Trader Subscription ($223.92 USD)

3rd Place

3rd place - 1 Year Pro Trader Subscription ($223.92 USD)
4th to 10th place - 6 Month Pro Trader Subscription ($111.96 USD)


What is Altcoin Fantasy?

Altcoin Fantasy is a simulator game that will let you test your skills as a cryptocurrency trader. We are a cryptocurrency simulation that allows you to make virtual cryptocurrency trades. No experience needed! The winners will get $1,455 USD for this contest. We have been running 40+ weekly contests and the prize pool keeps on growing! In addition, top traders will also get ACF Points that they can use to redeem for prizes. Check out the prizes page for more information.

How does Altcoin Fantasy work?

You start with virtual cash (in USD currency) to spend on cryptocurrencies. Make your picks from the coins out there you think will perform the best (for this contest we are using the coins from the Binance) . Adjust your holdings throughout the contest by buying and selling different cryptocurrencies. The players with the highest net worth (in USD) at the end wins!

How much does this cost? What's the catch?

Nothing! Altcoin Fantasy and Coinigy partnered together to bring you this exciting contest.

What is Coinigy?

Coinigy is a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform that offers access to more than 40 exchanges. Coinigy’s connectivity across the cryptocurrency universe enables the company to provide real-time access to pricing data, full-featured spot trading, and portfolio management and aggregation tools. For the full list of Coinigy’s supported exchanges, visit www.coinigy.com/bitcoin-exchanges. To learn more about Coinigy, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.