How much is 93960 ONION to JPY?

93960 DeepOnion (ONION) is 9366.89 Yen (JPY).

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updated 1 minute ago

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DeepOnion (ONION) Price JPY


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214,581 JPY

About DeepOnion

DEEPONION is referred to as a hybrid cryptocurrency as it implements the x13 proof of work (POW) and the proof of stake (POS) algorithm. The Onion Router (TOR) protocol is implemented and integrated natively within the TOR network. This ensures the security and anonymity of all peer-to-peer connections. The primary purpose of DeepOnion is to protect the privacy and identity of an individual by creating a payment platform that is instantaneous, scalable, secure, anonymous and untraceable. DeepOnion minimizes the likelihood of identification by both legal and illegal entities to promote the anonymity and privacy of cryptocurrency users by incorporating anonymity-centric networking protocols and industry-leading cryptography. DeepOnion also seeks to implement DeepSend and other innovative and proven blockchain technologies such as Stealth Addresses(Which are already implemented) which would make it difficult to violate our users' privacy. DeepSend is our hidden payment technology that was primarily designed to protect the senders' identity and obfuscate payment transactions. With the implementation of many layers of security such as stealth addresses, a technology that safeguards the identity of the receiver, the TOR protocol was natively integrated to ensure that all the connections within the DeepOnion are protected. DeepSend also offers security and anonymity of transactions as mentioned earlier. DeepOnion makes the balanced research or tracing of the coin movement impossible throughout the DeepOnion network or even with social engineering. The primary aim of DeepOnion is to offer an anonymous platform that operates over a secure and private network. Cryptocurrency users can now transfer their wealth freely without observation and scrutiny by legal authorities and malicious attackers. DeepOnion also has many unique features such as DeepVault to register file hashes immutably on not only the DeepOnion blockchain but backed by the bitcoin blockchain too. This allows you to register a file, a cryptographic notary. It only registers the file hashes and if it is registered and altered in any form, it will provide a result saying the document is not original. Including DeepVault they have VoteCentral a platform for any $Onion holder to create proposals for the future of DeepOnion. If they get enough likes and votes, it will be implemented into the future of the coin.

ONION to JPY Price History
Date ONION (DeepOnion) JPY (Yen) Change %
2020-05-16 02:27:34 -0700 93960 ONION 0.077986 15.14%
2020-05-14 15:00:05 -0700 93960 ONION 0.059136 35.65%
2020-05-14 07:27:47 -0700 93960 ONION 0.057117 37.85%
2020-05-14 02:47:17 -0700 93960 ONION 0.060974 33.65%
2020-05-13 14:29:10 -0700 93960 ONION 0.057473 37.46%
2020-05-13 02:02:15 -0700 93960 ONION 0.058393 36.46%
2020-05-12 01:54:15 -0700 93960 ONION 0.057999 36.89%
2020-05-11 17:34:24 -0700 93960 ONION 0.059679 35.06%
2020-05-11 14:41:33 -0700 93960 ONION 0.0571 37.87%
2020-05-07 13:34:25 -0700 93960 ONION 0.063119 31.32%