How much is 87386 FRST to NOK?

87386 FirstCoin (FRST) is 2313.29 Norwegian Krone (NOK).

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updated 28 seconds ago

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169 NOK

About FirstCoin

FirstCoin (FRST) is the first network crypto-currency project with exchange rate protection program that connects and supports startups. There are no restrictions, it works everywhere. Users can send FRST just as easily and fast as sending an e-mail. FirstCoin is based on the blockchain technology of Bitcoin. Thanks to blockchain technology the users can track coin generation and transaction authenticity. The network checks and authenticates itself, so it cannot be circumvented. FirstCoin provides strict abuse protection. Transactions using FirstCoin are anonymous and personal information is not published to the public. There are no monthly account fees, there is no need for a bank card. The transaction are essentially free. FirstCoin resembles the value-adding limitation of gold in the way that at most 110 million can be mined.

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