How much is 84824 BT1 to CNY?

84824 BT1 [CST] (BT1) is 10955321912.74 Yuan Renminbi (CNY).

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updated less than 1 second ago

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About BT1 [CST]

BT1 is a ChainSplit Token (CST) issued by Bitfinex which is a token that resembles the price of BTC after the SegWit2x hardfork that is occuring block 494784 (Mid November, 2017). Traders are using this token to speculate on the success of the B2X hard fork. The SegWit2x version of Bitcoin has been given the BT2 symbol by bitfinex and resembles the future price of B2X after the hardfork.

Bitfinex describes the Bitfinex Bitcoin Future as 'Incumbent Bitcoin Blockchain' as the currently existing Bitcoin blockchain that is exclusively used based on the consensus protocol as set out from time to time in the repository;

Learn more about bitcoin forks here and about BTC  here

BT1 to CNY Price History
Date BT1 (BT1 [CST]) CNY (Yuan Renminbi) Change %
2019-11-28 17:05:08 -0800 84824 BT1 18273.0 0.0%