How much is 74376 XGOX to UYU?

74376 XGOX (XGOX) is 18.095 Peso Uruguayo (UYU).

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updated 1 minute ago

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24 Hour Change UYU


24 Hour Volume

2,272 UYU

About XGOX

xGOx was built both for use in the real world as a currency and a catalyst for block-chain innovation. xGOx is supported by a dedicated and focused team which is backed by a massive community, which is always active on our discord channel. xGOx was originally successfully launched as GOKUCOIN. A recent re-naming and branding of the coin to xGOx has been a huge success. Close to follow the re-brand, was our first game, which leverages xGOx as currency. It is the first of many games to launch in 2017 and beyond. In late October, the coin received the exclusive airdrop for GoToken. The xGOx team also launched a community driven project called JOY coin. The initial JOY ICO was exclusively payed for with xGOx coins.

XGOX to UYU Price History
Date XGOX (XGOX) UYU (Peso Uruguayo) Change %