How much is 72831 VEC2 to MXN?

72831 VectorAI (VEC2) is 155.85 Mexican Peso (MXN).

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About VectorAI

Vector was launched in 04/09/2015. It uses the Ethereum consensus (currently proof of work, will be proof of stake later on) method of consensus, and is based on the Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm. Vector's goals include A distributed cryptographic ledger shared amongst all nodes participating in the network, over which every successfully performed transaction is recorded. Vector is a new cryptocurrency, yet is able to control double spending or check balance. Vector will provide a BaaS solutions taking enterprise-grade experimentation with blockchain to a whole new level. It will be very challenging for the current infrastructure and architecture underlying the Internet and online services to support huge IoT ecosystems of the future. The distributed ledger technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Vector will help to solve this.

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