How much is 7244 ELLA to ZAR?

7244 Ellaism (ELLA) is 101.17 Rand (ZAR).

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updated 30 seconds ago

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Ellaism (ELLA) Price ZAR


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92 ZAR

About Ellaism

Ellaism is a stable Ethereum-like network with no premine and no dev fees. Monetary policy is enabled with a total supply of 280 million ELLA. Ellaism is a pure smart contract platform. No premine. No dev fees. Its goal is to create a smart contract platform that is both fair and trustworthy. In cryptocurrency, transparency brings trust. The Ellaism Core team hold strong transparency in its financial and development process. With block 2,000,000 Ellaism enabled WebAssembly contracts on its network, being the first Ethash POW coin doing so

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