How much is 71846 UNIFY to MYR?

71846 Unify (UNIFY) is 1298.83 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

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7,100 MYR

About Unify

THE NEXT GENERATION OF CROWDFUNDING Unify is a self-sufficient crypto ecosystem for crowdfunding which is independent and therefore resistant to the negative impact of the external environment. Created in June 2017 with the intention of creating a cryptocurrency for our community, the Unify coin will be used as the main currency for financing projects through the Unify Crowdfunding platform and as one of the payment options in the Unify Market. For all beginners to crypto, the wallets (and the crypto world in general) seem confusing and hard to use. That's why we will be performing an overhaul of the wallets so they are easy and as intuitive as possible. For complete transparency, we will include the unify coin on exchanges with direct exchange of crypto - money and crypto - crypto. With clear funding and buying usabilty, the option of direct swapping into fiat, access to a variety of wallets for all main operating systems and inclusion on larger exchanges, we intend to achieve the goal of a strong and stable currency.

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