How much is 68967 TIX to VND?

68967 Blocktix (TIX) is 27129.29 Dong (VND).

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updated less than 1 second ago

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About Blocktix

Blocktix fees compensate token holders participating in the event/advertising verification process, to discourage for-profit ticket trading (scalping) on the P2P exchange, and to incentivise mobile application users to view event advertisements. There should be no expectation of profit from TIX token ownership or from the Blocktix system. The Blocktix platform will require TIX Tokens to be used as a system access fee as well as to introduce new events to the event feed. TIX tokens will also be required to place in-application advertising. TIX and/or ETH tokens will be necessary to facilitate ticket purchases and P2P transfers. The hosting, transfer and marketing fees will be distributed to TIX token holders who participate in the event/advertisment verification process which will be available to all TIX holders on the platform

TIX to VND Price History
Date TIX (Blocktix) VND (Dong) Change %
2019-09-23 11:23:26 -0700 68967 TIX 0.00564591 -232.2%
2019-03-13 20:00:33 -0700 68967 TIX 0.026841 -1479.3%
2018-12-31 05:42:30 -0800 68967 TIX 0.12185 -7069.21%