How much is 68312 DYN to KRW?

68312 Dynamic (DYN) is 57805.22 Won (KRW).

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updated 49 seconds ago

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Dynamic (DYN) Price KRW


24 Hour Change KRW


24 Hour Volume

253,896 KRW

About Dynamic

Dynamic (DYN) is Duality’s tokenized-currency provided with supply elasticity to ensure price stability for day to day transactions of end-users. Duality uses company proceeds to place buy backorders on the Dynamic (DYN) market to keep inflation within acceptable bounds. Dynamic (DYN) lays the groundwork for offering Blockchain as a Service by hosting a multitude of second tier nodes called Dynodes. Rewards can be adjusted through OP_CODES by Duality to adjust to a maturing market. The total theoretical supply, which is the maximum amount of Dynamic (DYN) that can ever be created, is (263 - 1). As a modern currency Dynamic (DYN) will be actively maintained to keep up with the latest market trends. Dynamic features fast to instant transactions at an affordable rate. End-users that care for consumer privacy are able to anonymously transact using private send.

DYN to KRW Price History
Date DYN (Dynamic) KRW (Won) Change %
2019-09-23 11:23:26 -0700 68312 DYN 0.18347 -154.37%