How much is 63200 XSH to KRW?

63200 SHIELD (XSH) is 152.02 Won (KRW).

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103 KRW


The SHIELD project was founded with the goal of providing quantum-proof transactions for a post-quantum world. Large tech institutions and governments are well into developing quantum computers that can be used to quickly find an address's private key, and steal funds (from any address) from vulnerable cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. The SHIELD development team is on a mission to provide a practical, quantum-resistant scheme to protect users from this inevitability by end 2018. Launched in October 2017 with NO ICO, NO premine, and with five mineable proof-of-work algorithms, SHIELD has amassed a friendly, tight-knit community of investors, enthusiasts, developers, and more. Originally codeforked from Verge, SHIELD will soon rebase itself entirely on Bitcoin Core 0.16 by end Q2 2018, for speed, security and development ease. The implementation of masternodes, a fully-custom in-house proof-of-stake protocol, sharding for scalability, and quantum resistance (along with many other side projects) will secure SHIELD’s place as the quintessential currency of tomorrow.

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