How much is 60303 CMP to UYU?

60303 Compcoin (CMP) is 28271449.35 Peso Uruguayo (UYU).

updated 2 years, 2 weeks, 3 days, 20 hours, and 1 minute ago
updated 2 years, 2 weeks, 3 days, 20 hours, and 1 minute ago

Data source: CoinMarketCap

Compcoin (CMP) Price UYU


24 Hour Change UYU


24 Hour Volume

171 UYU

About Compcoin

Compcoin is an investment system that uses a valuable blockchain Digital Asset to run a decentralized financial trading computer. Compcoin provides the capacity for automatically generated cash flows using Artificial Intelligence, the ART – a proprietary, automated, algorithmic foreign currency exchange (forex) trading platform developed by Fintech Investment Group.

ART analyzes historical, back-tested forex trading data to predict the potential outcomes of future US Dollar-to-Euro (USD/EUR) currency trades, and automatically executes those trades on behalf of investors.

Compcoin can be transferred directly between users without the need of an intermediary. Once Compcoin becomes available, open, convertible coin (estimated mid-2017), Compcoin will be available for trade with Bitcoin, Ether or other digital coins on one or more electronic exchanges.


CMP to UYU Price History
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