How much is 58147 VOT to PHP?

58147 VoteCoin (VOT) is 1066.5 Philippine Peso (PHP).

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updated 11 seconds ago

Data source: CoinMarketCap

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183 PHP

About VoteCoin

VoteCoin brings decentralized voting into blockchain.It is best suitable for elections, crowdfunding,decision funding and other voting purposes. VoteCoin is an anonymous crypto currency best suitable for elections and other voting purposes, based on Zerocoin protocol. VoteCoin offers a high standard of privacy and preserves the confidentiality of transactions through sophisticated zero-knowledge proving scheme. VoteCoin source code is based on the peer-reviewed Zcash sources. Furthermore, VoteCoin provides three main advantages: 1. No Founders Reward: Zcash implements Founders Reward, where 20% of coins are transferred to the Zcash developers and investors during the first years. We have removed this “feature”, so VoteCoin has no founders reward. 2. No Slow start period: Zcash implements Slow start period, where mining produces fractional reward to miners on start, and the reward slowly increases afterwards. We have removed this from VoteCoin, so miners get their full reward from the very beginning. 3. Multi-platform wallet: Zcash is officially supported only as a Linux text-mode client. We intend to provide an easy to use Graphical Wallet Application for all major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and MAC OS.

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