How much is 57883 KRM to HKD?

57883 Karma (KRM) is 210.12 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).

updated 3 years, 1 month, 17 hours, and 14 minutes ago
updated 3 years, 1 month, 17 hours, and 14 minutes ago

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About Karma

Karma is a P2P platform for creating socio-economic relationships between people, regardless of location, around the world. There is a noticeable imbalance in the world where there are countries where there are many citizens with available free capital and investors have a lot of money, while at the same time, billions of people live in environments with severe shortages of money and disadvantageous credit rates. Excessive regulation and centralization of banks have led to the fact that investors receive a negative return, taking inflation into account. Moreover, up to 80% of small and medium-sized business owners in many [JU1] countries do not actually have the opportunity to obtain a loan for business development in banks. In many countries, $100 USD is a large amount of money that can change the lives of several people and give a much needed boost to their creativity and the development of their business. In other countries, $100 USD is a cheque for dinner in a restaurant or even a treatment at a beauty salon. The task of Karma is to create an ecosystem with a rich variety of relations between participants. People will have the opportunity to exchange their available resources directly with other people, with and without interest, for a period of time to be determined between peers. Any participant can play any role: investor, borrower, guarantor, lawyer, auditor, or seller. Due to the open market, people can choose which types of economic and social relationships are better suited to different situations. Due to direct interaction, people will enjoy the benefits of transparency coupled with high speed transactions. Karma is created to simplify the exchange of resources and finances, accelerate the development of the economy and unite clusters of mutual trust around the world. Karma is a project of digitizing trust in people. A transparent ecosystem, with reliable storage of data about how well people keep their promises. The most obvious measure of belief in a person is how much money they are ready to give him. Look at any ICO: the more famous people (sponsors) on the board of directors, the more money the project collects. Moreover, a neighboring project with similar functions collects less money, because there are fewer trusted people in it. Therefore, one of the mechanisms of accumulation and measurement of belief is the history of financial relations of a person with other people. Karma is an ecosystem with the ability to design an endless number of options for relationships between people and communities. From pawnshop loans to social interest-free loans with an open return date. Due to this variety and flexibility, the system becomes stable under any economic conditions. Global tasks of Karma as a financial and social project: Creation of opportunities for fast and economical P2P exchange. At times faster and cheaper than existing methods. Accelerating the turnover of money and other resources in the economy. Alignment of resource allocation between countries and communities. Smooth transition from the credit fiat economy to the creation of a netting economy and an interest-free exchange of resources, where money is just a transaction coefficient and a commitment to supply goods. Establishing a network of trusted relationships around the world. A powerful impetus for the development of society. If we simplify access to finance and increase the level of trust, people will be able to solve core life issues quicker and focus on tasks in a fundamentally different and more positive way.

KRM to HKD Price History
Date KRM (Karma) HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) Change %
2018-12-31 05:42:41 -0800 57883 KRM 0.00107629 -131.68%