How much is 54640 EDR to HKD?

54640 Endor Protocol (EDR) is 1131.75 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).

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updated 21 seconds ago

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Endor Protocol (EDR) Price HKD


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24 Hour Volume

2,788,276 HKD

About Endor Protocol

Endor is reinventing predictive analytics by democratizing access to Artificial Intelligence data analysis, making it accessible, trustless, censorship-resistance and useful for all. This is achieved through the Endor Protocol, offering the world’s first automated, self-served, predictive platform that allows business users and unprofessional crypto-token holders alike to ask complex predictive questions and obtain high-quality results in minutes. This aims to democratize the field of Data Science, that today is reserved mostly for Fortune-500 companies. Endor is based on the novel science of Social Physics developed at MIT by the project’s team members Prof. Alex Pentland and Dr. Yaniv Altshuler. • Constantly-expanding catalogue of predictions: Endor will be launched with a variety of tokens-related predictions (e.g. tokens predicted to increase volume, decrease volatility, ...). These predictions would be accessible for purchase using the platform’s dedicated EDR token. • Do-it-yourself API for advanced users: tech-savvy users and professionals would be provided a self-serve interface, allowing them to easily provide a definition of any desired behavioral pattern, having the Endor.coin platform automatically generating a “look-a-likes” prediction of such pattern in return. • Automatic fusion of private and public data: Endor commercial customers (such as banks, retailers and insurers) will be able to easily integrate their proprietary data streams with the platform – producing high-quality predictive insights harvested from the fusion of private and public data. Thanks to the use of Social Physics data integration is automatic and friendly – requiring no cleaning or data-preparation. • Data Privacy: Guaranteed, due to the unique ability of Social Physics to use data that is fully encrypted at the customer’s side. • Predictions by the People, for the People: using Social Physics data is processed once, and users pay only for the personalization component they require, offering the “99%” predictive capability reserved today for tech-giants, for 1% of its cost. Endor is rooted in the technological platform of Endor. A Gartner Cool Vendor, recently recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer, Endor is an MIT spin-off financially backed by leading investors such as Innovation Endeavors, working with Fortune-500 companies such as Coca Cola, Walmart and MasterCard.

EDR to HKD Price History
Date EDR (Endor Protocol) HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) Change %
2020-04-05 19:39:36 -0700 54640 EDR 0.00259634 1.71%
2020-04-05 18:27:37 -0700 54640 EDR 0.00260276 1.46%
2020-04-05 02:48:08 -0700 54640 EDR 0.00254569 3.62%
2020-04-04 11:47:04 -0700 54640 EDR 0.00255479 3.28%
2020-04-04 00:38:03 -0700 54640 EDR 0.013439 -408.78%
2020-04-03 22:10:55 -0700 54640 EDR 0.013446 -409.05%
2020-04-03 09:07:40 -0700 54640 EDR 0.00253379 4.07%
2020-04-03 00:03:55 -0700 54640 EDR 0.00258111 2.28%
2020-03-31 06:36:45 -0700 54640 EDR 0.0025776 2.42%
2020-03-30 21:14:14 -0700 54640 EDR 0.012876 -387.47%