How much is 50917 WCT to UYU?

50917 Waves Community Token (WCT) is 73959.74 Peso Uruguayo (UYU).

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updated 26 seconds ago

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Waves Community Token (WCT) Price UYU


24 Hour Change UYU


24 Hour Volume

9,830 UYU

About Waves Community Token

The Waves Community Token (WCT) is a Waves Platform asset intended to provide a tool for community assessment of crowdfunding campaigns launched on the Waves platform and to incentivize long-term holding by providing an additional income stream for WAVES token holders in the form of regular asset distributions. WCT will be a virtual community organization. It will be launched in several stages based on the technical maturity of the Waves platform.

WCT to UYU Price History
Date WCT (Waves Community Token) UYU (Peso Uruguayo) Change %
2019-09-23 11:23:29 -0700 50917 WCT 0.16499 -324.21%
2019-03-13 20:01:49 -0700 50917 WCT 0.48825 -1155.39%