How much is 500 AURS to VND?

500 Aureus (AURS) is 193133.99 Dong (VND).

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About Aureus

Aureus combines the best features of cryptocurrencies – its ability to fuel global, cross-border financial transactions almost instantly, with the best economic opportunities the modern economic system provides. This way, the holders’ Aureus (AURS) are rewarded not just via its use as a cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin), but also as an investment vehicle that grows in value and provides Bitcoin dividends to the holders. Initially, the Aureus cryptocurrency derived its value based on the Aureus Bitcoin Trust (ABT) that held 15,000 Bitcoins from the previously failed community lending program. The community consists of over 70,000 members, thus giving Aureus a vast network effect right at the beginning of the project. Upon taking over the project, Cryptocrest and the other strategic partners involved meticulously thought out a plan to serve the community best. Firstly, they had to establish the remaining population as a democratic one and give every member a chance to: 1. earn dividends as a way to gain back their losses 2. make decisions as a whole thriving community Therefore, a strategic and viable plan was implemented whereby high BTC price milestones will automatically hold a vote. Each Aureus holder was able to have a say on what happens to the ABT. The Aureus team held a vote in August as BTC price reached $3,000 and above. Majority of the community voted to keep on receiving Bitcoin dividends generated from the ABT. Therefore, the ABT was not liquidated. In October 2017, another vote was held upon BTC reaching a staggering price of $5,000. The overwhelming majority of the community voted to have the ABT fund liquidated. Also as a result of the hard fork in August, the Aureus community was rewarded with 15,000 BCH. This was then decidedly pushed aside to also be used to generate dividends by converting 700 BCH monthly to BTC. Therefore, ensuring that the community will have BTC dividends for the next 21 months.

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