How much is 49269 XES to EUR?

49269 Proxeus (XES) is 48.756 Euro (EUR).

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updated 1 minute ago

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About Proxeus

XES is the token that will power the adoption of blockchain and unlock the next stage of digitization. You want to open up a blockchain-based ticketing system? Want to exchange contracts and letters of title with someone on the other side of the planet without having to share the information with a third party? Are you concerned about privacy? Have a great blockchain idea you want to make real? Then Proxeus is the tool for you. As a true DApp, it offers a complete toolsuite for tokenization of assets, sharing and monetizing IP, enterprise integration and more, and can be configured to exactly fit your needs. Proxeus is the faster, better, smarter way to approach your blockchain-related challenges than to start from the beginning. Just like how WordPress made learning HTML unnecessary for building a website, Proxeus will put creating blockchain DApps within reach of everyone. Open source, easy to use, and unified by the XES token, the Proxeus ecosystem will drive blockchain adoption into the mainstream. Having completed use cases targeting three main pillars of Tokenization of Assets, Legal & Compliance, and Logistics and Trade Finance, Proxeus has successfully completed a range of projects with partners such as IBM, Swisscom, The University of Basel, and the WWF. The technology is already available for testing, with Beta 1 released in July and Beta 2 going live September 4th.

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