How much is 45408 SNRG to CHF?

45408 Synergy (SNRG) is 2531.4 Swiss Franc (CHF).

updated 2 minutes ago
updated 2 minutes ago

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About Synergy

Synergy fuses its community with technology such that the community becomes an autonomous actor working on behalf of the individuals, even if the individuals are not aware that they are part of something much larger than themselves. Our approach to raise the value of Synergy (the protocol and technology) is to develop an economy around SNRG (the token). To do this we will create services that utilize the SNRG token. We may implement new technologies when we develop services, but we don’t believe that new technologies primarily drive value. Or if they do drive an increase in value, it is short lived. We believe that usage opportunities drive value. Because we are not focused primarily on developing new technologies, we will use technologies that are already implemented in the client, extending them only as necessary to develop the SNRG economy with new services.

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