How much is 40888 EVE to HKD?

40888 Devery (EVE) is 1739.52 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).

updated 38 seconds ago
updated 38 seconds ago

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Devery (EVE) Price HKD


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46,220 HKD

About Devery is developing the Devery Protocol, a decentralized verification platform that enables marking and tracking over the Ethereum network. The protocol allows manufacturers, brands, retailers and any other party to assign unique signatures to any products, services or digital goods sold, issued and traded online. The unique signatures are stored on the Ethereum network and can be queried to determine contextual data (including location, date, manufacturer/point-of-origin and the identification of the verifying party). Verification is not limited to the sale of physical goods and services, and can be extended to verifying the authenticity and legitimacy of any digital goods and services (such as certificates and courses). The protocol is the base layer of the Devery ecosystem. It can be used to build application level verification services and can be integrated with any existing e-commerce stores, applications or services. This fosters a competitive market of third-party verification services for specialty commercial markets, such as the clothing and apparel industry, technology, food markets, raw materials, education and other digitally sold goods and services. An operational token, the Entry Verification Engine (EVE), is the engine that powers the protocol. The EVE token is required to generate unique signatures and contextual data on the protocol. Any application that builds on top of the Devery protocol requires the user to spend EVE tokens, which are received by the owner of the application as a fee for their verification services.

EVE to HKD Price History
Date EVE (Devery) HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) Change %
2019-09-23 11:23:35 -0700 40888 EVE 0.00866587 -59.73%
2019-03-25 04:15:07 -0700 40888 EVE 0.00479819 11.56%
2019-03-19 09:25:02 -0700 40888 EVE 0.0040621 25.13%
2019-03-17 19:41:32 -0700 40888 EVE 0.00418782 22.81%
2019-03-16 22:15:34 -0700 40888 EVE 0.00414772 23.55%
2019-03-14 19:34:13 -0700 40888 EVE 0.00448179 17.39%
2019-03-13 18:12:29 -0700 40888 EVE 0.00601383 -10.85%
2019-03-10 18:14:36 -0700 40888 EVE 0.0060347 -11.23%
2019-03-09 13:19:42 -0800 40888 EVE 0.00448102 17.41%
2019-03-08 11:14:16 -0800 40888 EVE 0.00572258 -5.48%