How much is 40403 VOISE to VND?

40403 Voise (VOISE) is 1274.24 Dong (VND).

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updated 55 seconds ago

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About Voise

VOISE is bringing in the tried and tested decentralized application model into the music industry. Until now people had to rely upon third party centralized platforms and with such a model comes to the middlemen and intermediaries who charge an additional hefty commission which eats into the earnings of the artists. This in turn also bears an effect on the actual pricing of the music over the streaming service or download platform, to be borne by the users. The use of blockchain and smart contracts within VOISE makes it possible for the platform to overcome all the challenges thrown at it. Starting with the use of cryptocurrencies alongside fiat and automation of payments and settlements between users and artists. It also helps the platform maintain low operating and transaction costs and to ensure that the platform is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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