How much is 35697 LUC to ZAR?

35697 Level Up Coin (LUC) is 39.681 Rand (ZAR).

updated 6 days, 19 hours, and 13 minutes ago
updated 6 days, 19 hours, and 13 minutes ago

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About Level Up Coin

LUC (Level-Up Coin) is the exclusive payment method on the Play2Live platform. In most cases, fiat currencies will be used to purchase LUC. This fiat fund can be used to buy back LUC tokens from the open market, thereby providing liquidity to the market. It shows that any transaction of the P2L users, who pays in $ since came from Twitch /YouTube Gaming, positively affects the token rate growth. PLay2Live is the world's first decentralized streaming platform for gamers&eSports fans. It is a full-blown ecosystem for eSports&gaming with a deep focus on content generation and practical needs of streamers and viewers. Viewers enjoy ads-free streaming platform and can watch streams and earn LUC tokens in more than 5 ways. They can interact with streamers and a platform more than 11 ways and receive LUC as a reward for that. Streamers can earn LUC tokens from the very first stream and monetize stream in more than 11 ways (versus 5 ways of monetization on existing streaming platforms). eSports tournaments organizers can earn funds for tournaments arrangement for any game on the platform. The users can influence directly on the process of the content generation by voting. MVP 3.0 is functioning, users can deposit, spend and withdraw LUC tokens at the current MVP version. Key features of the PLay2Live platform: - Neural network. 200+ simultaneous streams without requiring huge computing resources. - P2P CDN. Users share an internet channel & get the LUC. Platform saves money from a centralized CDN. - In-game items awards. Streamers purchase digital awards and giveaways during broadcasts. - Rewards for Ads. Watching the Ads & earn LUC tokens. - Battles. Debates, in-game contests, interactive mode with the audience in the “bloggers competition“. - eSports content. Voting for content & getting VIP-status. Crowdfunding for the best streamers content ideas Our competitors: Twitch, YouTube Gaming

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