How much is 34904 LTCR to HKD?

34904 Litecred (LTCR) is 50.484 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).

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updated 51 seconds ago

Data source: CoinMarketCap

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72 HKD

About Litecred

Litecred (Symbol: LTCR) is a new digital currency, of which feature is self-funded development through block subsidy of 10% for each minted block. That 10% will be not be used directly at the first stage of the growth, but it will be gained at Proof-of-Work end. In other words, users are going to obtain only around 0.8% monthy. In this sense, the developers will be ensured a small and continuous flow to keep the project working. There is no developer premine at launch. Funds raised from mining will be held in a public address and utilized for future enhancement and/or given to skillful users supporting the team with improvements/marketing and promotion. Litecred is expected as Decred side-project. Considering Litecred as Bitcoin 2.0, Litecred wants to be Litecoin 2.0.

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