How much is 32184 WAND to HKD?

32184 WandX (WAND) is 2157.12 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).

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About WandX

Some of the problems that the WandX platform aims to solve are: How can users solve the problem that the price of any single ERC20 Token is higher than it ought to be, on account of speculation? How can users purchase multiple ERC20 Tokens in a single transaction? How can users not lose money even if there is a fall in the price of a single ERC20 Token? How can users increase the liquidity of single ERC20 tokens? How can users create and trade digital assets (such as loyalty points) recorded on a blockchain? Many of these problems are currently being solved by centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto-asset management platforms. Though popular and easy to use, many centralized exchanges and asset management platforms face problems with data security. They provide a centralized platform for blockchain assets, which by definition are meant to be decentralized. Other challenges faced by centralized exchanges and platforms include low liquidity thresholds and longer waiting periods for users to withdraw their funds from these exchanges. WandX aims to solve the above problem by providing a decentralized platform that enables the creation and trade of Baskets of ERC20 Tokens through smart contracts. Users can trade in Baskets of ERC20 Tokens. Users can acquire multiple ERC20 Tokens with a single transaction. The WandX platform does not hold private keys or any Tokens. Innovative solutions to sell an ERC20 Token or Basket that is borrowed are being developed on WandX. WandX provides tools to create tokens that can be backed by a digital asset such as loyalty points, and these tokens can be traded on our platform. We are experimenting with a larger number of trades happening off-chain, and only record the trades happening on-chain. Some of the ERC20 Token instruments that can be created on WandX are as follows: Baskets of ERC20 Tokens: These are combinations of ERC20 Tokens can be created with a single transaction. Users can create a basket of ERC20 Tokens; this Basket has an associated price which is determined by the underlying ERC20 Tokens in the Basket. Creation and Trade of this Basket happens by way of smart contracts. Issue Crypto-assets: WandX would enable a user to record his/her digital asset(s) on the blockchain through a user friendly front-end for creating tokens on Ethereum. These tokens would then represent ownership of crypto-asset(s) such as loyalty points which could be transacted with other users. Such transactions, along with the decentralized exchange, could be used to create markets for any crypto-asset.

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