How much is 32024 BOST to JPY?

32024 BoostCoin (BOST) is 38.386 Yen (JPY).

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updated 1 minute ago

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About BoostCoin

Boost is not a token or an asset; it is an independent platform with its active network and block chain. The Boost block chain, launched in 2014, is a chain that has been activated for the last 4 years. It is a safe and fast infrastructure that runs both as POW and POS and has an x13 algorithm. Boost can also run over the tor network. Thus, transaction security is at the highest level. Although VPN access is required to access to Tor network in countries where DNS is manipulated, Boost wallet does not depend on Tor network to run. In other words, you do not need a constant VPN connection to keep your Boost wallet open. Thanks to the POS structure, you get a stake from the POS block prize according to the amount of boost you have in your wallet and your network weight calculated by the duration you keep the wallet open.

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