How much is 3.5252182639722003 PHS to INR?

3.5252182639722003 Philosopher Stones (PHS) is 4.1424 Indian Rupee (INR).

updated 2 years, 1 week, and 49 minutes ago
updated 2 years, 1 week, and 49 minutes ago

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About Philosopher Stones

PHILOSOPHER STONES Modern decentralized payment solution. Cryptocurrency with "green" proof-of-stake minting and transaction messages. MOBILE SOON Mobile wallet is under active development right now. PERFECT FOR ALL The only equipment you need for minting new coins is your PC or even laptop. GREEN MINING Proof-of-stake algorithm guaranties low power consumption and operating costs for minters. FAIR DISTRIBUTION The intial distribution took 10 months with Proof-of-Work Scrypt algorithm before Scrypt ASICs.

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