How much is 27139 LA to AUD?

27139 LATOKEN (LA) is 4366.32 Australian Dollar (AUD).

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updated 1 minute ago

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24 Hour Change AUD


24 Hour Volume

127,160 AUD


LAToken is a blockchain platform for trading asset tokens. It allows cryptoholders to diversify their portfolio by getting access to tokens linked to the price of real assets. LAToken enables asset owners to unlock the value of assets by creating and selling their asset tokens. As a result, cryptocurrencies will be widely used in the real economy. The platform enchances liquidity and transparency of assets, as well as reduces transaction costs. It provides cryptoholders with transparent price discovery and diversification across multiple asset classes as it allows the creation or listing of third party asset tokens compliant with LAToken disclosure and legal structure rules. The LAToken Platform is already operational: asset tokens can be created, listed for sale and traded on the LAT platform. Tokens linked to the price of shares (e.g. Apple, Amazon, Tesla) and commodities (oil, gold, silver) are already traded on the LAT platform, while trading of tokens linked to real estate and artwork prices will be launched soon. LAToken is based on a profitable home equity marketplace and a back office for hedge funds founded by Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, who invested $1 million in these businesses. The LAToken team has a strong track record in hedge fund management, development of marketplaces, trading terminals and has worked at companies such as Avega Capital, Founder Institute, Barclays and McKinsey. We adhere to the principles of sustainable growth, integrity and good governance, which is why we sell a small share of tokens in order to have a strong incentive to develop the product and grow capitalization of LAT (this is not the case when most tokens are sold and full cash is received in advance without the product in place). LAT is the main currency for trading asset tokens as it is used for market making and liquidity enhancement by the LAToken liquidity fund. Thus, the demand for LAToken correlates with trading volume on the LAT platform. Turnover of asset tokens may exceed $14 trillion in 2025 and LAT is well positioned to become one of the most stable and popular cryptocurrencies for the real economy. LAToken is also used to pay transactional fees to platform node holders.

LA to AUD Price History
Date LA (LATOKEN) AUD (Australian Dollar) Change %
2020-05-25 15:02:11 -0700 27139 LA 0.020488 81.44%
2020-05-24 09:46:42 -0700 27139 LA 0.024044 78.22%
2020-05-21 03:28:01 -0700 27139 LA 0.023978 78.28%
2020-05-10 14:08:04 -0700 27139 LA 0.022941 79.22%
2020-05-02 14:26:18 -0700 27139 LA 0.036395 67.03%
2020-05-01 20:09:03 -0700 27139 LA 0.03803 65.55%
2020-04-30 21:49:34 -0700 27139 LA 0.037859 65.71%
2020-04-30 05:09:25 -0700 27139 LA 0.046953 57.47%
2020-04-29 16:32:07 -0700 27139 LA 0.04628 58.08%
2020-04-29 03:11:46 -0700 27139 LA 0.045424 58.86%