How much is 250 BDG to PHP?

250 BitDegree (BDG) is 26.908 Philippine Peso (PHP).

updated 6 months, 2 weeks, 3 hours, and 54 minutes ago
updated 6 months, 2 weeks, 3 hours, and 54 minutes ago

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22,416 PHP

About BitDegree

BitDegree (BDG) is a blockchain company creating a online IT education platform with token incentives. BitDegree strives to offer learners the best available courses and the utmost learning experience, anywhere in the world. BitDegree was founded in August, 2017 by seven crypto enthusiasts having worldwide web hosting business with 29M users. They have self-funded the MVP (Minimal Viable Product), which was popular between the learners. An updated platform has been released on March 5th, 2018 and since then till June 12th, 2018 already attracted more than 300k course enrolments. During that period platform gained 200k students. Each day BitDegree platform receives ~1k new signups. On December 31 2017, BitDegree had a successful and fully sold out ICO (Initial Coin Offering), and has raised 32500 ETH, which at the time was equivalent to 20 million dollars. BitDegree has a superstar team of many industry professionals including, Jeff Burton, a former executive and co-founder at EA (Electronic Arts). Under Jeff’s leadership, EA business was expanded to Europe and Asia until reached successful IPO in 90`s. Currently Jeff actively participates in technological startups, such as VR and blockchain related startups. Roberto Santana, a former product management lead at Coursera in San Francisco Bay Area. As a part of Coursera team, he helped to grow the company and attracted millions of new users to the platform. Currently Roberto works at Google as product manager and advises blockchain startups. Prior Stanford and experience in USA, Roberto as a good Venezuelan, spent 4 years at Royal Dutch Shell company. Maurice De Hond, Steve JobsSchool Founder, Dutch influencer, entrepreneur and Personalised Learning Advisor. Former CEO and co-founder Newconomy which was listed on Amsterdam stock exchange. He is the founder of the Steve JobsSchool, an elementary school which gives each student an iPad to encourage individualised learning. As of 2016, 35 public schools in the Netherlands adopted the school model. Two Steve JobsSchools opened in South Africa in 2016. Prior and after ICO, partnerships were already made, including - Hostinger International, CodeAcademy, Ethos and other blockchain based companies.

BDG to PHP Price History
Date BDG (BitDegree) PHP (Philippine Peso) Change %
2019-09-23 11:23:34 -0700 250 BDG 0.0027951 -34.91%