How much is 24237 APIS to RUB?

24237 APIS (APIS) is 928.41 Russian Ruble (RUB).

updated 7 months, 2 weeks, 6 hours, and 20 minutes ago
updated 7 months, 2 weeks, 6 hours, and 20 minutes ago

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About APIS

Long term vision of APIS coin [Lowering the entry barriers to expand the base of blockchain and opening the new era] High volatility has been the major cause of the tightened regulations toward cryptocurrency. High volatility means high risk, which sometimes causes misunderstandings such as ‘investment on cryptocurrency equals speculation. Such prejudice is hindering cryptocurrency market and furthermore, the growth of blockchain industry itself. But if we could propagate the masternode investment model - A model that offers the compensation proportional to the term and share, which is similar to installment savings - We would settle such misunderstandings of prospects and expand the base of blockchain industry to a larger scale. Masternode mediation platform was focused on lowering barriers of cryptocurrency market. ‘Smart Contract on Canvas’, ‘Address Masking’ and ‘Mineral System’ are the tools to expand the territory of blockchain. Definition of Functions that fulfill the vision of APIS coin As a masternode platform, we enables easy, prompt investment With ‘Smart Contract on Canvas’, user-oriented smart contract interface will be obtained. Current address system of cryptocurrency has remarkably low accessibility. Address masking helps easier cognition of cryptocurrency address. Instead, we offers more simple address such as ‘JOHN@ME’, consisted of name(JOHN), ‘@’, and domain(ME). Most of cryptocurrency motivates investors by imposing commission and providing the sum to the nodes as a reward. But the majority of individual investors can’t reach to that benefit and this could be a constraint on use of cryptocurrency. Mineral System only functions as a transaction commission to motivate the prolonged hold of APIS coin and refine the inconvenience so we could improve the accessibility of cryptocurrency. Throughout the achievements above, APIS aims to abolish the prejudice against cryptocurrency and deploy blockchain on a commercial scale so we can expand its ecosystem.

APIS to RUB Price History
Date APIS (APIS) RUB (Russian Ruble) Change %
2020-11-28 05:32:44 -0800 24237 APIS 0.00033475 44.23%
2020-10-22 20:42:02 -0700 24237 APIS 0.00033475 44.23%
2020-10-16 06:38:15 -0700 24237 APIS 0.00033475 44.23%
2020-10-09 14:56:04 -0700 24237 APIS 0.00033475 44.23%
2020-09-23 01:30:45 -0700 24237 APIS 0.00033828 43.64%
2020-09-18 00:12:48 -0700 24237 APIS 0.00034477 42.56%
2020-09-13 13:26:07 -0700 24237 APIS 0.00029467 50.91%
2020-09-12 14:34:26 -0700 24237 APIS 0.00029888 50.21%
2020-09-11 09:44:22 -0700 24237 APIS 0.00029481 50.88%
2020-09-10 12:09:32 -0700 24237 APIS 0.0002938 51.05%