How much is 10997 APR to USD?

10997 APR Coin (APR) is 14.741 US Dollar (USD).

updated 2 days, 14 hours, and 5 minutes ago
updated 2 days, 14 hours, and 5 minutes ago

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38 USD

About APR Coin

APR Coin was founded with one simple mission: to become a simple, secure and rewarding POS cryptocurrency for users worldwide. We are focused on rewarding coin holders while ensuring inflation is kept at bay and coin supply remains low and fixed. APR Coin is a modified fork of PIVX. Cryptocurrencies have become a force to be reckoned with; however, very few are concise in their purpose and low in their supply. APR Coin was founded to address these 2 issues head on. ​APR Coin is a masternode currency that has a fixed low maximum supply implementing Proof of Stake (POS) rewards only. Through the use of substantial POS bonuses, APR Coin ensures that the sole focus of the Masternode currency is to reward those who hold the coin long term. One simply has to leave their APR Coin Wallet open and bonuses will accrue. Once it has been verified that a holder of APR Coin has met staking bonus requirements, they will be issued additional APR Coin as a reward. APR Coin is a decentralized currency in all senses of the word, as it is run on multiple Masternodes held by APR owners globally and not by any one party. Uses of the currency can be worked on by anyone in the community who is interested. This is possible as APR is a community-owned and open source software under the MIT License, and is not privately held or an incorporated company. APR Loyalty is an example of what some of the core dev team is working on for a use case. However, anyone, anywhere in the world can create their own use of the currency under the MIT License.

APR to USD Price History
Date APR (APR Coin) USD (US Dollar) Change %
2019-09-23 11:23:39 -0700 10997 APR 0.00675911 -404.25%