How much is 100000 RTE to ZRX?

100000 Rate3 (RTE) is 30.203 0x (ZRX).

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updated 36 seconds ago

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About Rate3

Rate3 is a decentralised dual protocol for cross-border payment and credit scoring. Rate3 exists on both the Stellar network and Ethereum blockchain, through our cross-chain architecture. The RTE utility token serves as a medium of exchange within a global settlement network, while providing the incentives for all participants to create value for the ecosystem. Our testnet is live here: We have established partnerships with the top blockchain companies: IOST, BrahmaOS, Zilliqa, DATx and actively looking for more partners in our ecosystem. We have completed our token sale and reached our hard cap of 25,000 ETH successfully. We have top funds supporting us: Fenbushi Capital, Matrix Partners China, Node Capital, Ledger Capital, Hash Capital, Nirvana Capital, BKFUND, Kenetic, AlphaCoinFund, Altonomy, Signum Capital, Shuanghua Capital, Blockchain Ventures, Current Capital, Spartan Group, Insignia Ventures, Alpha JWC Ventures, LongHash, UniValue Associates. Likewise, we have top advisors providing us guidance: Bo Shen (Founding Partner, Fenbushi Capital), David Su (Managing Partner, Matrix Partners China), Koh Waikit (Pavilion Capital), Yinglan Tan (Insignia Ventures), Li Jianwei (Zhencheng Investments), Chandler Guo (Bitcoin God Founder), Kenneth Oh (Dentons Rodyk).

RTE to ZRX Price History
Date RTE (Rate3) ZRX (0x) Change %
2019-11-28 17:05:09 -0800 100000 RTE 0.00073021 2.66%
2019-09-23 11:23:39 -0700 100000 RTE 0.00179283 -138.98%
2019-03-13 20:02:12 -0700 100000 RTE 0.00210012 -179.94%
2018-12-31 05:42:58 -0800 100000 RTE 0.00131717 -75.58%